County Commissioner Vacancy Statement

July 10, 2023


Due to the resignation of the Honorable Barbara Strang, which has led to a vacancy on the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners, the elected Executive Committee of the Cabarrus County Republican Party hereby presents the following names, in no particular order, as per North Carolina General Statute 153A-27 (c):

  • Lamarie Austin-Stripling
  • John Paul
  • Paula Yost

The compressed legislative changes requested by the County Commissioners aiming to shorten the time to fill a vacancy significantly reduces everyone’s ability to thoroughly recruit, evaluate, and adequately vet individuals seeking an appointment to fill a vacant seat. However, these candidates have been interviewed by the Executive Committee of the Cabarrus Country Republican Party after expressing their desire to seek appointment to the Board of Commissioners.

The Republicans listed above were found to be residents of Cabarrus County and are in good standing with the Cabarrus County Republican Party. We present them to the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners and Cabarrus County Clerk of Superior Court, William W. Baggs, as individuals interested in serving our county.


Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee