Republican Elected Officials

Elected Republican Officials 

Federal Offices

Legislative Branch

  Senator Thom Tillis
  Senator Ted Budd
  Congressman Dan Bishop (8th District)

State Officials

  Council of State    

    Lt. Governor Mark Robinson
    Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler
    Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey
    Commissioner of Labor Josh Dobson
    Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt
    State Treasurer Dale Folwell

  Legislative Branch

NC Senator Paul Newton (District 34)
NC Senator Todd Johnson (District 35)
NC Representative Kristin Baker (District 82)
NC Representative Kevin Crutchfield (District 83)

County Officials

County Board of Commissioners

Steve Morris - Chair 
Lynn Shue - Vice Chair 
Tim Furr
Chris Measmer

Clerk of Superior Court

Bill Baggs

Register of Deeds

Wayne Nixon


Van Shaw

District Attorney

Ashlie Shanley

School Board

Denise Adcock - Chair
Rob Walter - Vice-Chair
Laura Blackwell Lindsey

Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Thomas Porter
Victoria Porter
Jeff Goforth

Municipal Officials

Concord City Council Member - Terry Crawford - District 5
Concord City Council Member - Brian King - District 2
Concord City Council Member - John Sweat - District 7

Harrisburg Mayor - Jennifer Teague
Harrisburg Town Council Member - Maurice Price - Mayor Pro-Tem
Harrisburg Town Council Member - Ron Smith
Harrisburg Town Council Member - Mike Thevenin

Kannapolis Mayor - Darrell Hinnant
Kannapolis City Council Member - Ryan Dayvault
Kannapolis City Council Member - Darrell Jackson
Kannapolis City Council Member - Tom Kincaid - Mayor Pro-Tem

Locust Mayor - Steve Huber
Locust City Council Member - Rusty Efird
Locust City Council Member - Harry Fletcher
Locust City Council Member - Michael Haigler
Locust City Council Member - Barry Sims
Locust City Council Member - Mandy Watson

Midland Mayor - John Crump
Midland Town Council Member - Allen Burnette
Midland Town Council Member - Darren Hartsell - Mayor Pro-Tem
Midland Town Council Member - Mike Tallent
Midland Town Council Member - Rich Wise

Mount Pleasant Mayor - Del Eudy
Mount Pleasant Commissioner - Christopher Carter
Mount Pleasant Commissioner - Steven Dixon
Mount Pleasant Commissioner - Lori Furr - Mayor Pro-Tem