County Leadership

Cabarrus County Republican Party Officers

    Addul Ali
    Jack Lambert
    Clay Mcguire
    Benita Conrad
  Past Chair:
    Scott Elliott

Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee

  By Election:

Anita Brown
Terry Crawford
Cheryl Crutchfield
Robert Freeman, Jr.
Darrin Gamradt
Holly Grimsley
Mary Ingram
Betty Lapish
Britt McIntyre
Catherine Bonds Moore
Taina Shaw
Mike Tallent
Amanda Wortman


  By Organization:

Representing Cabarrus Republican Men's Club:
    Jim Quick
Representing Cabarrus Republican Women:
    Open Seat
Representing Cabarrus Young Republicans:
    Jacob Abel
Representing Cabarrus Teen Age Republicans:
    Jennifer Bost

Cabarrus County Republican Party Committee Chairs and Appointments

      Finance Committee Chair:
          Parish Moffit
      Audit Committee Chair:
      Communications Chair and Webmaster:
          Greg Mills
      Events Committee Chair:
          Anita Brown
      Program Committee Chair:
          Mike Tallent
      Precinct Development Committee Chair:
          Valerie Miller
      Convention Rules, Credentials, & Resolutions Committee Chair:

Cabarrus County Board of Elections

      Republican Party Appointees:
          Jay White
          David Black