County Leadership

Cabarrus County Republican Party Officers

    Addul Ali
    Jack Lambert
    Clay Mcguire
    Benita Conrad
  Past Chair:
    Scott Elliott

Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee

  By Election:

Laura Blackwell
Anita Brown
Dana Coulter
Terry Crawford
Kevin Crutchfield
Robert Freeman, Jr.
Darrin Gamradt
Mary Ingram
Betty Lapish
Britt McIntyre
Valerie Miller
Catherine Bonds Moore
Taina Shaw
Mike Tallent

  By Organization:

Representing Cabarrus Republican Men's Club:
    Jim Quick
Representing Cabarrus Republican Women:
    Open Seat
Representing Cabarrus Young Republicans:
    Jacob Abel
Representing Cabarrus Teen Age Republicans:
    Kristel Swayze

Cabarrus County Republican Party Committee Chairs and Appointments

      Finance Committee Chair:
          Parish Moffit
      Audit Committee Chair:
      Communications Chair and Webmaster:
          Greg Mills
      Events Committee Chair:
          Anita Brown
      Program Committee Chair:
          Mike Tallent
      Precinct Development Committee Chair:
          Valerie Miller
      Convention Rules, Credentials, & Resolutions Committee Chair:

Cabarrus County Board of Elections

      Republican Party Appointees:
          Jay White
          David Black