County Leadership

Cabarrus County Republican Party Officers

    Lanny Lancaster
    Jim Quick
    Deborah Bamford
    LaMarie Austin-Stripling
General Counsel:
    James E. Scarbrough

Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee

LaDonna Doggett
Cynthia Echevarria
Russ Freeze
Neal Hambleton
Ryan Ledbetter
Laura Blackwell Lindsey
Angela Long
Clay Maguire
Tyler Norris
John Paul
Mike Tallent
Chad Troutman
Brian Echevarria, Immediate Past-Chair

  By Organization:

Representing Cabarrus Republican Men's Club:
    Jim Quick
Representing Cabarrus Republican Women:
    Jennifer Dunbar
Representing Cabarrus Young Republicans:
    Britt McIntyre
Representing Cabarrus Teen Age Republicans:
    Jennifer Bost

Cabarrus County Republican Party Committee Chairs and Appointments

      Finance Committee Chair:
      Membership & Community Outreach Committee Chair:
          Brent Whichel
      Audit Committee Chair:
          Jonathan Almond
      Events Committee Chair:
          Angela Long
      Communications & Technology Committee Chair:
          Tyler Norris
      Government Liaisons Committee Chair:
          Lanny Lancaster
      Church Networking Committee Chair:
          Peggy Dickey
      Training Committee Chair:
          Jim Quick
      Peggy Haywood Scholarship Committee Chair:
          Deborah Bamford

      Convention Committee Chair:
      Plan of Organization Committee Chair:
          Jennifer Dunbar
      Convention Rules & Resolutions Committee Chair:
      Convention Credentials Committee Chair:

      Cabarrus County Board of Elections

      Republican Party Appointees:
          Jay White
          Avis Edmond