County Leadership

Cabarrus County Republican Party Officers

    Scott Elliott
  Vice Chairman:
    Anita Brown
    Parish Moffitt
    Frank Rush
  Past Chair:
    Mike Tallent

Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee

  By Election:

Addul Ali
James Bailey
Andrew Castrodale
Benita Conrad
Terry Crawford
Kevin Crutchfield
Jim Demay
Holly Grimsley
Joe Horton
Jennifer Hurlocker
Tom Kincaid
Betty Lapish
Kristel Swayze 
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  By Organization:

Representing Cabarrus Republican Men's Club:
  Jack Lambert, President
Representing Cabarrus Republican Women:
  Barbara Strang, President
Representing Cabarrus Teen Age Republicans:
  Dana Coulter, Adult Sponsor

Cabarrus County Republican Party Committee Chairs and Appointments

      Finance Committee Chair:
        Andrew Castrodale

      Audit Committee Chair:
        Holly Grimsley         

      Communications Chair and Webmaster:
        Greg Mills  

      Events Committee Chair:
        Betty Lapish

      Program Committee Chair:
        Mike Tallent

      Precinct Development Committee Chair:
        James Bailey

      Convention Rules, Credentials, & Resolutions Committee Chair:
        Parish Moffitt