December 2020 Newsletter

Cabarrus Republicans,

We hope that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We know that this year has been full of its crazy moments and the holiday may not be like we had envisioned when we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table on Thanksgiving Day of 2019. However, we trust that in whatever form you celebrated, you celebrated with a full heart!

We do have political victories to be thankful for. Cabarrus County, swept Republican victories with the exception of the one school board seat. Cabarrus County voted for President Trump all the way down the ballot to Thomas Porter winning the reelection to Soil and Water. The average win was by about 10% difference from the Democrats.

So even though President Trump is facing a steep uphill legal battle and Lt Gov Forest has conceded the race, know that we here in Cabarrus County did our part and choose Republicans up and down the ballot. For that that we are thankful.

Speaking of thanks, the party would like to thank the many volunteers that assisted in the efforts. There are far too many to name; however, whether you were an observer, an outside worker, a runner, a door knocker, made phone calls, raised money, worked on the sign deployment team, or worked in the office, the leadership of the party would like to offer our most sincere THANK YOU. Without volunteers doing all the various things mentioned above and not mentioned, we would never have achieved the results that we achieved!

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday December 1st at 7PM

The Executive Committee will meet via on-line only for this month with respect to the surging pandemic numbers.

You can join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
(For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)
United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2073
- One-touch: tel:+18773092073,,642370189#
United States: +1 (646) 749-3129
- One-touch: tel:+16467493129,,642370189#

Access Code: 642-370-189

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General Meeting

We are very much aware we are sounding like a broken record at this point. There is no way for us to hold in-person meetings and so once again we are going to cancel the December Membership meeting. We are looking for option to do a Christmas event in some capacity; however, this may not be able to occur until January in light of the surging Covid cases locally.

A Note from the Vice Chair

Congratulations & Appreciation!
There are not sufficient words to express our appreciation for all who helped make this 2020 election cycle a success for Cabarrus Republicans and Republicans up and down the ballot!

We had so many long term, returning volunteers and so many new volunteers who added their enthusiasm, knowledge, fun and energy to make everything work! Whether you were part of our amazing office workers, accepted “donations“ for the campaign materials, put together untold numbers of campaign signs, posted signs throughout the county, delivered candidate signs, picked up signs, worked polls handing out candidate materials, planned & attended watch parties and election celebrations, you contributed to the CABGOP success!

This year NCGOP relied heavily on our local Observers to help secure the integrity of the NC election process! Those who served as Observers at polling places, observed Board of Election review meetings, and reported findings, gave amazing amounts of time to ensure that every vote was valid and fairly counted

And we did all this under unprecedented pandemic circumstances!

Of particular importance is the new friends we all have made!
We await, impatiently, the opportunity to celebrate in person with you all! We trust you are healthy & well! Keep looking for our meeting and celebration notifications!

I know you all are especially missing my many scheduling requests and reminders!

Hope you are still supporting our Republican agenda and our President!

Take care,
Anita Brown
Vice Chair CABGOP

By The Numbers

With all the media coverage focused on the national election and even the local media coverage being focused on state wide results; we thought this would be a good way to give you, our loyal readers, a little data from our number cruncher extraordinaire.

You will notice in the table below the boxes shaded blue are the boxes that the Republicans lost in the statewide race. While, Cabarrus County voted for these candidates in a majority, the percentages even here in Cabarrus County were less. The reason why is pure speculation on our part. You will also notice that the total number of votes declines as you go down this list until you get to Sen. Newton with the one exception of Sec. Troxler. A known phenomenon of ballot fade explains this. This is where people vote for less and less races as they go down the ballot unless a name sticks out for some reason. There were a bit more than a thousand people that simply voted in the Presidential race and nothing else. Remarkably, there were 281 people that did not vote in the Presidential race and even more remarkably was the 102 people that voted for more than 2 people in the Presidential race!

Race Republican Democrat Margin
Trump v. Biden 63,237 52,162 9.44%
Tillis V. Cunningham 61,237 48,886 10.63%
Hudson v. Timmons-Goodson 64,552 50,857 11.84%
Forest v. Cooper 59,682 54,665 4.31%
Robinson v. Holley 64,355 50,666 11.90%
O'Neill v. Stein 61,785 52,934 7.72%
Street v. Wood 61,095 52,450 7.62%
Troxler v. Wadsworth 65,334 48,533 14.76%
Causey v. Goodwin 63,485 49,827 9.06%
Dobson v. Holmes 62,504 50,740 10.38%
Sykes v. Marshall 60,890 52,975 6.96%
Truitt v. Mangrum 63,169 50,325 11.32%
Folwell v. Chatterji 64,949 48,033 14.98%
Newby v. Beasley 62,272 51,772 9.20%
Berger v. Inman 62,507 51,073 10.06%
Barringer v Davis 63,880 49,545 12.64%
Wood v. Shields 63,608 49,626 12.34%
Gore v. Cubbage 62,995 50,169 11.34%
Dillon v. Styers 63,631 49,206 12.78%
Carpenter v. Young 63,427 49,701 12.14%
Griffin v. Brook 62,859 50,174 11.22%
Newton v. Singleton 64,217 49,345 13.10%
Baker v. Steele 25,817 22,898 6.00%
Pittman v. Young 27,904 26,534 2.52%

2021 County Convention
Tentative Date March 20th

We are working to secure a location to hold the 2021 Cabarrus County Republican Convention and Precinct Meetings. This will be an election year for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and at-large members. We are tentatively looking at the date of March 20th; however, due to scheduling this date may have to shift a bit one way or the other. We plan to do everything possible to hold this convention in person and we are looking at all of our options at this time.

Cabarrus County Republican Men's Club
Follow the Facebook page for information on upcoming meetings and events.

For further information contact Jack Lambert 704-668-7601

Cabarrus County Republican Women's Club
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For further information contact Barbara Strang 704-796-3771

Cabarrus County Young Republicans Club
General Body Meeting - Virtual

Wednesday December 2nd at 7PM
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Follow the Facebook page for information on upcoming meetings and events.

For further information contact Joe Serviss 704-794-2434

Online Donations
The Cabarrus County Republican Party is now ready to accept your donations online. You may click here to begin the process. Even though the 2020 election cycle is just now coming to a close, we have started the process to raise money for the 2022 election cycle to once again bring home a strong victory for the Republicans here in Cabarrus County.

Save the Dates
List of important dates for you to mark for the next few months.

December 1st – Executive Committee Meeting 7pm
December 3rd – Membership Meeting (canceled)
January 5th – Executive Committee Meeting 7pm
January 7th – General Membership Meeting 7pm
February 2nd – Executive Committee Meeting 7pm
February 4th – General Membership Meeting 7pm
March 2nd – Executive Committee Meeting 7pm
March 20th – County Convention (tentative)