May 2020 Newsletter

Cabarrus Republicans, we hope and pray that you and your family are well. This crazy time we find ourselves in hopefully will be over soon. Stay in touch with friends and family while practicing social distancing! We need each other to get through this.

We want to share with you some recent occurrences while we have all been quarantined!

Federally and locally there have been a few promotions of note. In Congressman Hudson’s office, Billy Constangy has been promoted from District Director to the position of Chief of Staff. He will be working from both the Concord office as well as the DC office until November. If you see him, be sure to pass on your congratulations.

Georgia Lozier, in Congressman Hudson’s Concord District office, has been promoted to District Director! Georgia, we look forward to continuing our relationship with you!

Additionally, Joseph Chesser, our Trump 2020 team leader, has been given an assignment within Congressman Bishop’s district office as a District Aid.

Each of these individuals has served the County and District well. Fortunately, they will continue to serve the Republican Party, Cabarrus County and the people of North Carolina well. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

Rep. Kristin Baker (82) was seated within the North Carolina General Assembly officially on April 28th. Due to the Pandemic, there was little pomp and circumstance; however, the speaker promises to have a ceremonial seating once this is all over.

The NC House and Senate are back in session to work on multiple issues revolving around COVID-19. There are going to be revenue shortfalls and the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate has sent an open letter to the Governor asking for a revised budget with a 1% reduction.

All of our leaders from the White House to the County, City, and Town Council chambers and everything in-between need our continued prayers as they continue to make decisions on our behalf. We may not necessarily agree with all their decisions and many have taken to exercising their first amendment rights and protesting. However, we must pray that our leaders be well guided by constitutionality, science, and reason in these decisions.

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 5th at 7 pm

Due to the current restrictions, the Executive Committee meeting will be held via a quick conference call (30-45 minutes at most).

The main purpose will be to stay in touch with everyone; discuss State Convention; fundraising and future expenses; future events; and planning for November. There is no question we are going to have to revise our strategy on several fronts for the rest of the year and from now to November is going to be crazy busy.

The call-in instructions are as follows:

From your computer, tablet, or smartphone:

You can also dial in using your phone:
United States (Toll-Free): 1-866-899-4679
United States: +1 (571) 317-3116

Access Code: 486-670-893

General Meeting
Thursday, May 7th at 7 pm

We are planning a virtual General Meeting with State Treasurer Dale Folwell as our guest speaker. Dial-in information will be provided next week.

From the Cabarrus County Republican Men’s Club
Tuesday, May 12th at 6 pm

The Men’s Club will be conducting their meeting virtually on the 12th. Please stay tuned to their Facebook page for login information.

Facebook: Cabarrus County Republican Men

For further information contact Jack Lambert 704-668-7601

State Convention
June 4th - 7th
This was postponed from its original date in May.

You must have been designated as a delegate (via the absentee process) at the County Convention to register as a delegate. You may however attend as guests. If you did not receive an email from the Secretary acknowledging your status as received, then you most likely did not get counted as a delegate. For questions, email Parish at with your name and he will investigate your status for you.

Web: NCGOP 2020 State Convention

Save the Dates

May 5th – Executive Committee Meeting (virtual) 7 pm
May 7th – General Membership Meeting (virtual) 7 pm
June 2nd – Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
May 4th – General Membership Meeting (pending) 7 pm
June 4th - 7th - State Convention (rescheduled date)
July – No Executive Committee or Membership Meeting
August 4th Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
August 6th Membership Meeting 7 pm
August 24th – August 27th National Convention
September 1st – Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
September 3rd – General Membership Meeting 7 pm
September 29th – Executive Committee Meeting (This is October's Executive Committee Meeting) 7 pm
October 1st – General Membership Meeting 7 pm
November 3rd – General Election

Volunteer for RNC 2020
The National Convention will need some 8000 volunteers to make the event successful. Would you like to volunteer? Go to and click on "Volunteer."

Committee chairs and committees have been established. If you wish to still serve on a committee please drop Anita an email to express your interest in doing so. We welcome registered Republicans to help with Events, Programs, and Precinct Development Committees as well as CCGOP office staffing. Let us know how and when you would be available to help! We are going to need “All hands on deck” as the election season proceeds!