October 2019 Newsletter

Fellow Republicans, what a September it has been! First off the fair was a huge success thanks to our volunteers. There were many visitors to our booth of every age who wanted their picture made with our President!

Then the Republicans in the 9th and 3rd Congressional Districts swept their elections. Particularly the 9th district race just down the road was considered a bell weather election for President Trump. Many pundits thought that if Dan Bishop had lost, then it potentially would have spelled bad news for Republicans in 2020. However, shortly after the last votes were counted, these same pundits were walking back these statements. A few members of the Cabarrus County GOP knocked on doors and worked election places for Dan and Congressman Bishop would like to extend his sincere gratitude to those that helped him get across the finish line.

Then court ordered redistricting for the state house seats looks to have a neutral effect on the county, much to the dismay of the Democrats (see below). Then while the Democrats had a miscommunication and were off doing who knows what (speculation is violating a court order and drawing new district maps out of the view of the public). The speaker and Rep Saine from Lincoln County choose the opportunity to take up the budget veto override. Most everyone has seen the most obscene lack of decorum displayed by Democrat Rep Butler (New Hanover County) with her yelling and screaming on the House floor. The end result is the House has now overrode the veto and Senate plans to take action sometime in the first part of October.

To top all of this off Congresswoman Nancy Polosi has decided to launch a semi-official impeachment inquiry against our President. Historically, the party going into a midterm holding both houses of Congress and the Presidency tend to lose Congressional seats. The same can be said for the party bringing impeachment proceedings against a sitting President. We need only look at the impeachment of President Clinton and the decimation of the Republican seats in the house after they voted to impeach.

What will October bring? Make sure you tune into this newsletter and find out!

A MAJOR THANK YOU to the 40 plus individuals who helped staff the CCGOP booth at the Cabarrus County Fair last week! We had an exciting and vibrant booth because of you! We had a great mix of seasoned fair volunteers and many first timers!

Every volunteer showed up on time and readily, even eagerly, engaged with hundreds of fair attendees! There was a lot of enthusiasm among our booth visitors, especially for re-electing President Trump, as well as interest in our Republican Party activities and focus on upcoming municipal elections.

AND we registered 38 voters! Fabulous effort for the Fair! Yeah CCGOP Team!

We would not have had such a great success without each and every one of you!

Sincere appreciation,
CCGOP Leadership

Remember early voting starts for municipal elections on October 16th and ends on November 1st. Please vote for these Republicans and show them some support as you are able.

City of Concord
District 1 – Barbara Strang
District 2 – Brian King
District 7 – John Sweat

Town of Harrisburg (4 seats)
Timothy Morris
Benita Conrad
John Hale
Toni Jenschke
Michael Hart
Rodney Dellinger

City of Kannapolis (3 seats)
Tommy Kincaid
Addul Ali
Christopher Gordon
Darrell Jackson
Ryan Dayvault
Phillip Goodman

Town of Midland (2 seats)
Darren Hartsell
Edward Allen Burnette

Town of Mount Pleasant Mayor
William Eudy

Town of Mount Pleasant Commissioner (2 Seats)
Troy Barnhardt

The North Carolina General assembly by order of the Wake County District Court was mandated to redraw many of the State House and Senate districts throughout the state. The Court said that too many districts were drawn with political gerrymandering in mind. Don’t forget that the US Supreme Court said that the court did not have the ability judge gerrymandering at the federal level just several weeks prior. Now the state court used the statement that gerrymandering prevents the “free and open” access to voting and mandated that the drawing of the new maps was done in a manor that did not take politics into consideration. Additionally the court mandated that the maps had to be drawn in full view of the public eye. The General Assembly setup web cams and was broadcasting the rooms from the time they opened until the closed each evening. After a whirlwind few days of hard work the maps were set. Our very own Sen Paul Newton chaired the Senate map redrawing process and he should be commended when you see him for the hard work he put in that week! Our Senate district was not up for redistricting; but, our house districts were. Below is an image of the passed districts. These districts still need the approval of the Court before they will be finalized. The best guess on this will be sometime in the later half of October. An early analysis shows that the new HD 82 will be a bit more competitive; but, still leans Republican and HD 83 is now an even stronger Republican district.

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 1st at 7 pm
Cougar Run Winery, event room
363 Church St N
Concord 28025

All Republicans are welcome to attend

General Meeting
Thursday, October 3rd at 7 pm
Cougar Run Winery, event room
363 Church St N
Concord 28025

Special Guests: 
This will be the opportunity for the candidates to have a few minutes on the agenda to explain why we all should be voting for them. Come out and meet these candidates that have taken that step to have their name on the ballot.

From the Cabarrus County Republican Men’s Club
Next Meeting
Saturday, October 26th at 8:30 am
Golden Corral
1540 US-29
Concord 28025
The Cabarrus County Republican Men would like to invite everyone to come out and hear from our Republican town and city council candidates as they are in the final stretches their campaigns. Breakfast at 8:30 and the meeting begins at 9:00 AM. Everyone is welcome. Men, women, boys, and girls.

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 29th at 7 pm
Cougar Run Winery, event room
363 Church St N
Concord 28025
This will be the November Executive Committee Meeting.

In order to allow all Executive Committee members the opportunity to help their favorite city and town council candidates, we have move the Executive Committee meeting up a week to 10/29.

All Republicans are welcome to attend

Save the Dates

October 1st Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
October 3rd – General Meeting, City and Town Candidates Forum (Part 2) 7 pm
October 16th – First day of early voting
October 29th – Last day to request an absentee ballot
October 29th – Executive Committee Meeting (moved up from 11/5) 7 pm
November 1st – Last day of early voting
November 5th – Election Day
November 7th  – General Meeting 7 pm
December 2nd  – Filing begins for 2020 Primary
December 3rd  – Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
December 5th – Holiday Celebration (location, times, and speaker lineup to be announced)
December 20th – Last day of filing for 2020 races
January 7th Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm
January 9th – General Meeting 7 pm


Volunteer for RNC 2020
The National Convention will need some 8000 volunteers to make the event successful. Would you like to volunteer? Go to www.charlottein2020.com and click on "Volunteer."

Vendors for RNC 2020
If your business would like to participate in the Republican National Convention please fill out the Charlotte Host Committee's interest form. Go to www.charlottein2020.com and click on "Vendor Signup."

Committees have been established for 2019/2020. However, if you have previously served on a committee and or would like to serve on one of the committees listed below please drop Anita an email to express your interest in doing so.

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