September 2021 Newsletter

Message from Jim Quick, President of the Cabarrus County Republican Men’s Club:

This week the North Carolina General Assembly sent Governor Cooper a bill that establishes new rules on how schools can teach about racism, amid allegations from Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and other GOP leaders that some North Carolina teachers are trying to indoctrinate students using Critical Race Theory. The “Ensuring Dignity and Nondiscrimination in Schools” Act, widely expected to be vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper, would prohibit schools from promoting that the United States was created “for the purpose of oppressing members of another race or sex.” Ask yourself, who would advance such a theory?

In 1994, Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, the inventors of Critical Race Theory (CRT) believed systematic racism is rooted in everyday life and in nearly every aspect of how societies function. They conjectured that a hierarchy of white-over-color exists in every aspect of our nation and it existed in the motives of America’s forefathers. While MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, insists CRT is simply a Fox News “creation to keep people watching or clicking on social media” others like the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart say those who criticize CRT are merely attempting to prevent “us from learning our history.”

No matter where you land on the issue it’s important to stop to understand why CRT is so dangerous. It’s a philosophy that is infecting everything from politics and education to the workplace and the military. We cannot simply write it off as foolishness.

First, there is no evidence that all of America’s key institutions are inextricably rooted in white supremacy. Yes, the Republican Party should do more to stand up against racism at every level of our society but this Marxist rhetoric riding underneath the Critical Race Theory demands the destruction of every American institution.

Second, CRT isn’t merely an analysis tool. Today, our nation’s universities are cranking out critical race theorists ... political scientists ponder voting strategies coined by critical race theorists ... and unlike some academic disciplines, critical race theory now contains an activist dimension based on the understanding that whites are unable to understand racism, and that minority carries a presumed competence to speak with authority on racism. CRT advances the notion that racism is embedded unconsciously into American life therefore it is impossible for Americans to understand their own racism or of that found in our government systems, let alone to remove it. The only solution, they assert, is to decimate the only system in the world that has provided widespread liberty and prosperity for all.

If we cannot understand these pungent topics we cannot be alerted to the erosion taking place in our classrooms and across our country. The Cabarrus Republican Party and the Men’s Club are partnering with NC Faith & Freedom Coalition and The Heritage Foundation to offer this educational evening on Critical Race Theory with some of best educational scholars in the nation. The free program will be offered in the place of our general monthly Republican meeting on Thursday, September 9th at the Venture Church in Harrisburg at 6:30pm.

We are offering the program so parents, guardians, and grandparents can be involved in the classroom by understanding more about Critical Race Theory. Learn how to debunk this radical Marxist ideology. Find out how state and county-approved curriculum might be used to advance indoctrination in across classrooms in Cabarrus County. You will learn the buzz worlds to root out CRT and know what to do if you find a problem in your child's classroom.

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 7th at 6:30pm

CABGOP Headquarters
96 McGill Ave NW, Concord

This is the monthly work session of the Executive Committee. Any registered Republican is welcome to attend as a guest.

General Membership Meeting
Thursday, September 9th at 6:30pm

Venture Church
4245 Main Street, Harrisburg

The Cabarrus County Republican Party and Cabarrus County Republican Men’s Club will be partnering with The Heritage Foundation and the North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition to host an engaging and informative panel on critical race theory. Featured panelists include; Kate Gorka, Paul Brintley and Johnathan Butcher.
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Coffee with the Chairman
Saturday, September 18th at 8am-10:00am

CABGOP Headquarters
96 McGill Ave NW, Concord

Come out and speak with Cabarrus County GOP Chairman Addul Ali. This month he'll be joined by a special guest Senator Paul Newton.

U.S. Senatorial Forum
Saturday, October 23rd at 6:30pm

Morgan Ridge Vineyards
486 John Morgan Rd, Gold Hill

The Cabarrus GOP joins forces with the Rowan and Stanly County GOP’s in order to present a forum featuring candidates running for the United States Senate. The following candidates have confirmed their attendance; Rep. Mark Walker, Rep. Ted Budd, Commissioner Marty Cooke, Kenneth Harper and Jen Bandwart.

Cabarrus County Young Republicans Club
Wednesday, September 8th at 7pm
CABGOP Headquarters
96 McGill Ave NW, Concord

The Cabarrus County Young Republicans Club will host their monthly general membership meeting. Cabarrus County Commissioner Barbara Strang will be the group's featured speaker along with a brief presentation from the Convention of States.

Young Republicans on Facebook:
For further information contact club president, Jacob Abel 980-248-4719

Cabarrus County Teen Age Republicans
The Cabarrus County Teenage Republicans currently have no scheduled meeting for September.

For further information contact advisor, Kristel Swayze 704-425-5398 or club president, Mary Swayze 980-621-9197

Cabarrus County Republican Men's Club

Sunday, September 19th at 3:00pm
Harrisburg Lions Club
507 Patricia Avenue, Harrisburg

The men's club is hosting a unique opportunity to meet conservative candidates for Harrisburg mayor and town council in the upcoming 2021 municipal election.

Republican Men's Club on Facebook:
For further information contact club president, Jim Quick at 704-796-3882

Cabarrus County Republican Women's Club
The Cabarrus County Republican Women’s Club currently has no meeting scheduled for September.

Republican Women's Club on Facebook:
For further information contact club president, Barbara Strang at 704-796-3771

Online Donations
The Cabarrus County Republican Party is still accepting on-line donations. Even though the 2020 election cycle is finished, we have started the process to raise money for the 2021 municipal and 2022 election cycle to once again bring home a strong victory for the Republicans here in Cabarrus County.

Save the Dates
List of important dates for you to mark for the next few months.

September 7th – Executive Committee
September 8th – Young Republican's Club
September 9th – Critical Race Theory Panel
September 18th – Coffee with the Chairman
September 19th – Men's Club
October 5th – Executive Committee
October 7th – General Meeting
October 23rd - US Senatorial Forum
November 2nd - Election Day (Municipal)
November 2nd - Election Results Watch Party
November 9th - Executive Committee
November 30th - Executive Committee
December 2nd - Christmas Drive-in
January 4th - Executive Committee
January 6th - General Meeting
February 1st - Executive Committee
February 5th - Lincoln Reagan Dinner