Statement From Executive Committee

"The Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee was recently made aware that the immediate former Chair of the Cabarrus County Republican Party, Mr. Addul Ali, on May 19, 2023, communicated via email to Republicans across the state that under his leadership the Cabarrus County GOP raised over $5,000 to support our local pregnancy resource center and raised $5,000 for Back the Blue NC.

We do not want scandals or accusations to be true. We recognize that a united party is paramount for local and national elections.  Even so, the reputation and donations that allow our party to function and prosper hinge on its representatives maintaining good moral standing and financial accountability.  Since this information has come to light, as leaders and Republicans, we imagine that you appreciate our duty and responsibility to address the matter to maintain our local party's integrity and reputation with our donors and community.

These organizations are important to our fellow Republicans. Mr. Ali’s apparent misrepresentation of support and contribution to their cause is a breach of trust the Cabarrus County Republican Party wants no portion of.

We are obliged to keep accurate records of all monies received and make accurate reports. We know our faithful donors and fellow Republicans expect nothing less.  

Please be informed that upon review of the Cabarrus County Republican Party meeting minutes, social media posts, party communications, as well as the Exempt Plan & Disclosure Reports filed by the Cabarrus County Republican Party in 2021 and 2022, we find no record supporting the above claims in relation to donations made to the above-referenced organizations from the Cabarrus County Republican Party."  

Cabarrus County Republican Executive Committee