County Convention

2021 County Convention:
Saturday, March 20th 2021

The City Club at Gibson Mill:
325 McGill Ave NW, Concord, NC 28027
Masks and social distancing will be encouraged.

: 8:00am
Meeting: 9:00am

You must have attended your precinct meeting in person on February 27th or submitted an absentee request to serve as a delegate and vote at the County Convention. Otherwise, if you are a registered Republican you may attend only as a visitor and will not be entitled to vote. If you are unable to attend the Convention, we will have a virtual option for delegates & visitors.

We have a full agenda of items for the Convention to include electing new leadership for the upcoming two years and voting on a revised Plan of Organization.

Details regarding virtual access have been sent to delegates by email.

  Convention Documents


2021 Precinct Meetings
Precinct Meetings Feb 27th

Due to Covid restrictions and concern for the safety of our Republican constituents who may chose to participate, changes in the precinct meetings are necessary. All precinct meetings will be held at Cabarrus Country Club in four different sessions. See the meeting schedule below to determine the time your precinct will sign-in and meet. There will be a 15-minute break between sessions, then the next group of precincts will register and convene.

Those who cannot or chose not to attend need to submit an absentee letter. That form must be submitted no later than 6pm, Friday, Feb. 26, 2021. Instructions are on the form re submission options. Anyone who does not attend the precinct meeting but wishes to be designated as a delegate to the County, District and State Conventions must submit the form by the stated deadline.

Download: Precinct Meeting and County Convention Absentee Letter (PDF)

In addition to electing precinct officers for ’21-’23, participants will have the opportunity to nominate delegates and party officers for County, District & State Conventions. Elections for Cabarrus Co. officers will be held at the County Convention March 20,2021.

Precinct meetings will be held at the Cabarrus Country Club:
3247 Weddington Rd., Concord, NC 28027
Masks are required.

Group 1
: 9:00am
Meeting: 9:30am-10:30am

03-00 Gilwood Presbyterian Church
04-01 Mt. Olivet Methodist Church
04-03 New Hope Lutheran Church
04-08 Northwest Cabarrus High School
04-09 Covenant Presbyterian Church
04-11 Kannapolis YMCA (includes voters from Trinity Methodist Church)
04-12 Second Presbyterian Church (includes voters from Midway Methodist Church)
04-13 Cabarrus Shrine Club (includes voters from Kannapolis Middle School)
05-00 Concord Middle School


Group 2
: 10:45am
Meeting: 11:15am-12:15pm

02-01 Elevation Church (new location)
02-02 Furr Elementary School
02-03 Jay M. Robinson High School
02-05 Weddington Hills Elem.
02-06 Winecoff Elementary School
02-07 Cannon School-performing arts center
02-09 Cox Mill Elementary School
01-02 Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Station
02-08 Odell Primary School


Group 3
: 12:30pm
Meeting: 1:00pm-2:00pm

01-04 Hickory Ridge Middle School
01-07 Harrisburg Elementary
01-08 Rocky River Elementary
01-10 Harrisburg Town Hall
01-11 Providence Baptist Church (includes voters from Harrisburg Lions Club)
06-00 Cross of Christ Lutheran Church (new location)
07-00 Northeast Fire Station
08-00 Mt. Pleasant High School
09-00 Georgeville Fire Station
10-00 Bethel Elementary


Group 4
: 2:15pm
Meeting: 2:45pm-3:45pm

11-01 Kerr Memorial Baptist Church
11-02 Center United Methodist Church
12-03 All Saints Episcopal Church
12-04 Concord High School
12-05 Cabarrus Senior Center
12-08 Hartsell Recreation Center
12-09 Wolf Meadow Elem.
12-11 Epworth United Methodist Church
12-12 Central Cabarrus High School
12-13 First Missionary Baptist Church (includes voters from Coltrane Webb Elem. School and Ann St. Methodist Church)
12-14 St. James Catholic Church (includes voters from American Legion Post 51)